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making health a habit.. and food your medicine

I am a Newcastle based naturopath with a focus on natural medicine for multiple sclerosis (M.S). Click here for a recent ABC radio interview I did about being diagnosed with M.S, learning how to recover, and what I want to do know with my life now that I am well!

My story of health recovery has also been featured in the ‘The Wahls Protocol’-A radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions using Paleo principles.

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As a naturopath I also love seeing people with; gut upset, brain fog, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and mild mood disorders.

I have a knack for turning ‘research into recipes’ and sharing bite sized pieces of practical health information.

I draw upon recent research, use live blood analysis and functional pathology to assess the underlying cause of health issues.

Outside of working in a thriving clinic, I love bush walks, gardening and going on adventures with my little dog Coco.


I work at Inspirational Health natural health clinic in Lambton.

Look after your health and book a naturopath consult today!

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My publications:

The Wahls Protocol

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